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The School of Theology Study Tracks

The School of Theology has 2 study tracks to choose from:

Track 1The Biblical Studies Certificate Program (BSC) – 2 year in-depth study program.

Track 2The Audit Program – students choose classes at their own pace.


Biblical Studies Certificate Track

The Biblical Studies Certificate track is a 2 year in-depth program designed for people looking to deepen their knowledge of God, the Bible and Christian Theology. It requires students to complete all 5 Core classes and 6 Electives of their choice. Through a focus on application students  will learn how to apply the knowledge they acquire to their everyday lives and will be better equipped to effectively lead in ministry, at work, and at home.

School of Theology Core classes are offered on a fixed schedule and various electives are offered each trimester.  The Core Class schedule and prerequisites are listed below followed by brief description of each class and a list of a few of the Electives.


Biblical Studies Students are graded on a letter/number grading scale and can receive Continuing Education Credit.



1st year - Discover the Bible (hermeneutics and exegesis)

2nd year – New Testament Survey



1st year – Old Testament Survey (2 trimester class – prerequisite Discover the Bible)

2nd year – Life of Christ



1st year – Old Testament Survey (continuation of Winter trimester)

2nd year – Christian Doctrine (prerequisite 2 Core Classes)



Core Class Descriptions:

Discover the Bible: Learn to properly interpret the Bible so you can better understand and apply it to your everyday life.  Discover the Bible teaches a practical approach to interpreting the Bible, a defense to its authenticity and a better understanding of its different parts.  Prerequisite for OT Survey    


Old Testament Survey: The Old Testament is the foundation of faith given to all mankind by Creator God. It is the beginning of God’s story filled with real people that God relates to and through. Beginning with creation and continuing to the 400 “silent years” God reveals Himself, His plan for creation, His deep love for sinful man and the purpose of preserving the promises of redemption and salvation through the people of Israel.


New Testament Survey: New Testament Survey is a great introduction to the 27 books of the New Testament. It will explore its major themes and emphases and how to apply its teachings to our lives.


Life of Christ: Explore the life of Jesus as we look through the four Gospels from the Bible.  This will be a great introduction to the most significant person in human history.


Christian Doctrine: Discover the major doctrines of Christianity in this understandable introduction to systematic theology.


Elective Classes:


Bad Choices of Biblical Heroes
Church History
Effective Communication

Everyday Leadership

Faith in Action (James)

Just Jesus (Romans)

Law, Faith and Salvation (Hebrews)

Letters from Prison  

New Reality

Relevant Christianity


Spiritual Formation (includes a silent retreat)

Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual Warfare

Under the Sun (Ecclesiastes)

World Religions