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My Kids (Week 2)

July 15, 2018 Speaker: Mark Bjorlo Series: What Keeps You Up at Night?

Topic: Worry Scripture: Matthew 6:24, Matthew 6:27, Matthew 6:6–6:7, Genesis 50:20–50:21, Proverbs 3:5–3:6

1.  Choose Faith over Fear
2.  Choose Prayer over Worry
3.  Choose Surrender over Control


Do Not Worry - Matthew 6:25-34

Open It

1. *What are your top three worries?

2. What is your favorite kind of food?

3. How would you describe your tastes in fashion?

Explore It

4. What three worries did Jesus discourage among His followers? Why? (6:25)

5. Why is food a trivial matter? (6:26)

6. According to Jesus, how do clothes stack up as a subject of great concern? (6:26)

7. *What creatures did Jesus use to illustrate God’s reliability as a provider? Why? (6:26)

8. Why are God’s creatures consistently "fed and clothed"? (6:26)

9. *Why should we take great comfort from the way the animal and plant kingdoms operate? (6:26)

10. What benefits does worry bring? (6:27)

11. What fact from nature did Jesus use to illustrate the folly of worrying over clothes? (6:28)

12. How did Solomon’s wardrobe measure up to the beauty of nature? (6:29)

13. *What comfort can followers of Christ find in the beauty of nature? (6:30)

14. Who is consumed by concern over food, water, and clothing? (6:32)

15. What priorities should we have in life? (6:33)

16. What does God do for His children when they keep the right perspective, refuse to worry, and trust Him? (6:33)

17. Why is it silly to fret over the future? (6:34)

Get It

18. Why do some of us worry about clothes more than others?

19. How do you think God feels about our society’s preoccupation with food?

20. *If God is really in control of the universe, why do we worry so much about so many things?

21. How do you think worry is affecting you emotionally, physically, and spiritually?

22. How would you answer someone who interprets this passage to mean that God promises to give His children everything their hearts desire?

23. In light of this passage, what would be some good principles on food and clothing for us to follow?

24. What is the difference between planning for the future and worrying about the future?

25. What worries do you struggle to keep under control?

26. *What can help you entrust your worries to God?

Apply It

27. *What worry will you entrust to God today?

28. What steps can you take today to change your priorities from worldly ones to kingdom ones?

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