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Manipulative People (wk2)

June 16, 2018 Speaker: Mark Bjorlo Series: Some People

Topic: Boundaries Scripture: Mark 6:21–6:28, Genesis 25:29–25:34, Judges 16:15–16:19, Matthew 16:21–6:23

Talking through the message during the week helps you turn what God is saying to you into action steps. These talking points, questions, and scriptures are designed to help you take the next step. If you’re leading a group through this guide, don’t feel like you have to answer every question. Pick out those questions that will stir up conversation and action among your group.
  1. What types of people tend to get under your skin the most? Why do these people bother you so much?
  2. Read Mark 6:21-26, Genesis 25:29-24, and Judges 16:15-16.
    • These passages illustrate examples of people who were manipulated.
  3. Which of the three common tactics of manipulators are most effective on you: flattery, threats, or guilt? Why are they so effective?
  4. In what ways have you been impacted by manipulative people? Share examples.
  5. How have you manipulated others? What tactics did you use and what were the results of your manipulation?
  6. How do you know when you are being manipulated? How long does it usually take for you to realize it.
  7. Read Matthew 16:21-23 and Isaiah 26:3-4. These verses show us how to break the power of manipulation.
  8. What healthy boundaries do you need to enforce to break the power of manipulation in your life?
  9. Where in life are you not fully surrendered to God? What steps will you take to surrender to Him?
  10. Why do you think manipulative people are such a common problem for most people?
  11. What do you think will be the hardest part in dealing with those people that manipulate you?

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