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Unfailing Love

June 2, 2018 Speaker: Mark Bjorlo Series: Once Upon a Marriage

Topic: Marriage Scripture: Hosea 1:1–10:12

Talking through the message during the week helps you put what God is saying to you into action. These talking points, questions, and scriptures are designed to help you take the next step. With your Bible or YouVersion, read Hosea 1:1-11 and Hosea 2:1-15.

These passages tell the story of Hosea. God told Hosea to marry a prostitute named Gomer. Unfortunately, Gomer cheated on Hosea and bore children with other men. In chapter 2, God responds to Gomer’s unfaithfulness first with righteous anger and then with unfailing love and forgiveness.

  1. In what ways does our society train people towards divorce?
  2. What are some changes you can make that will prepare you for a successful marriage whether you are currently single, married, or divorced?
  3. The most common marriage misconception is thinking what I’m missing is better than what I have. How have you experienced that misconception in your own relationships and what were the results?
  4. The story of Hosea and Gomer is a picture of what spiritual adultery looks like. What are some ways you have been unfaithful to God? What will be your next steps towards restoring that relationship? Read Hosea 3:1 and 10:12. God tells Hosea in these verses to forgive his wife and show her the same faithfulness that God shows towards us.
  5. How have you seen God demonstrate His unfailing love towards you when you have been unfaithful to Him?
  6. How do you tend to deal with a loved one who has wronged you in some way?
  7. Describe how you can better model God’s faithfulness and forgiveness in your own relationships.

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