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Class Offerings

The School of Theology offers Fall, Winter and Spring trimesters allowing students to begin classes 3 times per year. Core and Elective classes are offered at all Journey North Campuses enabling the local community and church easy access to classes. Upcoming classes are listed below. 

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The School of Theology is excited to be offering the following classes for our current trimester. Make sure to register early classes fill quickly. 

Core Class

Old Testament Survey (prerequisite “Discover the Bible”)
Class Cost: $60 plus book
OT Survey gives the big picture of the story of God in the Old Testament. If you are new to the
Bible or have been reading it your whole life, this class will open your eyes and give you a new
understanding of God through the Old Testament.
Baxter- Tues. 6:30pm Starts Jan. 2 nd (20wks)         Facilitator: Wendell Wahlin
Aitkin – Saturday 10am Starts Jan 6 th (20wks)       Facilitator: Pr. Lynfield Hines
Book: “Zondervan Handbook of the Bible” Book Cost: $27

Life of Christ
Class Cost: $30 plus book
Jesus is without a doubt the greatest man who ever lived. In Life of Christ you will learn about
the life, the ministry, and the person of Jesus Christ.
Baxter- Tues. 6:30pm Starts Jan. 2 nd (12wks)         Facilitator: Bob Evans
Book: “Zondervan Handbook of the Bible”                     Book Cost: $27

Elective Classes

Understanding Jewish Festivals        Cost $15 plus book

Few people are aware of the Jewish Feasts describe in Leviticus and even fewer understand their significance to the Jewish people of the Old Testament. Understanding Jewish Festivals will uncover Christ in the festivals and help modern Christians understand Christianity’s Jewish heritage.

Baxter- Sun. 1:00pm Start Jan. 7th (8wks)                    Facilitator: Seth Neistadt

                                                                                                 Book Cost: $14


Letters from Prison         Cost $15 plus book

What was so important to Paul that he felt compelled to write to the early church from a Roman prison? Find out in Letters from Prison, as we study the books of Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians and Philemon.

Aitkin- Tues. 6:30pm Starts Jan. 9th (12wks)                     Facilitator: Pr. Dallas Smith

Book: “Zondervan Handbook of the Bible”                        Book Cost: $27

Specialty Classes

Spiritual Formation          Total Cost $275*

God’s transforming power is amazing! In Spiritual Formation you will learn a modern perspective on spiritual disciplines that will help transform your life.  

Spiritual Formation includes a 3 day silent retreat.

Class is limited to 16

Make sure to Register Early.                       
Class meets for 2 Thursdays and a 3 day Silent Retreat.

Baxter- Thurs 6:30pm Start Feb. 22th & Mar 8th                      Facilitator: Pr. Mark Bjorlo

Retreat - Sun. Feb 25th–Wed. Feb 28th  

Book: “The Life You’ve Always Wanted”         
Cost Includes Seminar, Book & Retreat ($400 value)

*$100 deposit due at registration $175 due first day of class


Financial Peace University              Cost $110

Are you struggling to get control of your finances? Tired of living paycheck-to-paycheck? Financial Peace University (FPU) will show you God’s plan for your finances and help you learn to get out of debt, and how to save for the future. It’s time to take control of your finances and become the good steward God intended you to be.

Baxter- Tues. 6:30pm Start Jan 9th (9 weeks)        

Cost includes seminar, materials & membership to FPU