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Now Hiring a Special Worship Pastor

Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 11.23.55 PMWith a beloved Worship Pastor moving on, I have been thinking a lot about things I am looking for from a TJN staff hire.  Here are eight key characteristics I am on the hunt for.

Before I dive into some of the characteristics let me be clear.  The worship and music matter a ton, but I am looking for much, much more:

1. Engaged with the TJN Vision & Values

They should be passionate about the way we do church. I want to know that they have researched TJN and have a respect for TJN’s values and believe wholeheartedly in our Vision statement.

2. Eager to Learn

The ability to learn new things is essential in a church environment. I want flexible minds that can acquire new skills with ease (these are often younger), but I know I will keep a special eye out for people who never lost their love of learning even after years on the job as a worship leader. In the worship arena there is a fluidity.  Music trends are always in flux.  I want someone who can chart a cores and assist us in developing and growing in our worship.

3. Willing to Take Responsibility

All TJN employees have to pull their own weight (and then some).   I love to ask behavioral questions, such as, "Tell me about a time when you had to pick up the slack for a coworker." You want to hire job candidates who will ask, "How can I help?" when they see something that needs to be done.  I imagine Jesus asking his disciples to go and fetch a donkey.  I wonder what it would have looked like if the disciple answered, “Not my job, I’m just the youth guy” or “I just do worship”. 

4. Easy to Like

Working in a church like ours, our team matters a lot.  And we need each other cross departments.  It's important to find people who mesh well with rest of our team.  As Pastor Lynfield says often the three C’s matter around here (Character, Competency and Chemistry). This doesn't mean they all have to have the same disposition; I aim to hire a nice mix of individuals, including those with bubbly personalities and those with calm, quiet and laid-back attitudes.  But at the end of the day we have to want to work together.

5. Ambitious

Ambitious employees are assets to this team, as they're always willing to take on new tasks and projects. They're proactive and looking for ways to grow within our church  I am looking for someone who gets multi-site and want to lead leaders.

6. Skilled at Multi-Tasking

Employees need to be able to wear many different hats and perform a variety of tasks in order to succeed in the fast-paced, often challenging TJN world. I know I’ll want to know in an interview process about examples where a candidate has successfully managed multiple projects simultaneously.  They have to get the weekend rolling and still assist Youth or Kids department heads, as they are pulling off events.

7. Not Exactly Like Me

My own blind spots can be my worst enemies. To make TJN more robust, I am always looking to hire employees who can bring something to the table that I don't have. That might be a different personality, experience in a skill set, or simply a novel approach to solving problems.

8. Last but First

I want a team member who really loves Jesus.  Their faith has to be real.  By real, I mean, a depth of relationship that has been birthed out of brokenness and a deep need for Jesus.  I am looking for someone who hungers and thirsts for a righteousness that is not their own.  That’s a person who I know will get and offer grace.