WEEK 5 April 12, 2020 Easter Sunday

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About This Series

Easter is a time to celebrate, and what better way to celebrate than with music? In this series, we’ll learn about God’s Son Jesus, and sing and dance our way through an Easter celebration!

Lesson 5: Act II

We’ve learned a lot about Jesus, but one thing He did is greater than any other. We know Jesus is God’s Son, and choose to follow Him, because He gave His life for us. Find out the full story this week, as we celebrate Easter!

Worship Song

The Big Idea

Learn This Instrument

Ask: What’s is the instrument below? (piano)

Can you show me how to play the piano by pretending you’re playing one?
Ready, set, go!

Now click below to play along with this song for as long as you’d like.

Bible Lesson

Discussion Questions

• What did we see Jesus do in our Bible Adventure today? (Die and come back to life.)
• Why did Jesus do that? (He loves us, and He is God’s son.)

Memory Verse

Work on this bible memory verse with your kids each week. We will be figuring out a way to get a prize to each child who memorizes this verse by the end of this series. This is the last week to work on it.

This is a flute. Let’s learn what this instrument sounds like and then join in and play along with your pretend flutes.

Click below to hear and play along for as long as you’d like!

Parent Say:

Great job playing your flutes. Let’s sing another song to celebrate this special Easter Sunday.

Click On The Video Below & Read This Story To Your Child

Worship Song

Pray With Your Child

Dear God, we love you. Thank you for loving us. Help us to follow Jesus every day. Amen.

Just for Fun

Enjoy Kid O Whampus with your kids. Get the wiggles out with your child.

Thank You!

Thanks for joining us today online for our Lil’ Trekkers Lesson.  It’s great to be able to partner with you to teach your kids about God’s Son Jesus and the love He has for them.

Happy Easter!!

A Message from
Elizabeth for Baxter

About This Series:

Have you ever met someone who you had seen on stage or in a movie? Were they who you expected them to be? In this series, we’re going to look at the way God’s Son Jesus acted when He wasn’t in the spotlight. We’ll see why so many people have decided to follow Jesus and learn some unexpected things about Him along the way.

Bible Memory Verse

This is your last week to work on this bible memory verse with your kids.  We will be figuring out a way to get a prize to each child who memorizes this verse by the end of this series.  You can do it!

2 Corinthians 5:17
When anyone lives in Christ (Point up.)
the new creation has come. (Point down)
The old is gone. (Thumbs pointing back over shoulders)
The new is here! (Point down)

The Big Idea for Today's Lesson Is:

Jesus Gave Everything for Me.

Lesson 5: Live

Why do we talk about Jesus, two thousand years after He lived on earth? Jesus did one thing that changed everything, for his friends, for his enemies, for every person today, and for you. Find out why we celebrate on Easter, and why we can be free from fear, because of what Jesus did. 

Video Lesson

Watch the video then do the activities that follow.

Discussion Questions

Ask these questions after the 1st segment of The Source.

• What do you think will happen to The Source team?
• Is there anything they could do to take back what Gabby wrote, or fix what she did? (They could apologize, but they can’t ever totally take back what they did.)
• What do you think it means when people “follow Jesus”?

Hands-On Activity

Look Up and Read: John 14:6. This verse is something Jesus said about Himself. He is saying that if we want to know God (the “Father”), and live the way He made us to, we have to follow Jesus.

Do This: Share the story of how and why you decided to follow Jesus or where you are at on your spiritual journey. You may also want to share ways you’ve seen God change your life, or work in your life since that time.

Do This: Allow your kids to ask questions and discuss why following Jesus is important.

Return to Video:  Now watch the remainder of The Source video until the end when Rue comes back on to conclude the video with a bible lesson component.

Second Segment of The Source

Final Questions for this Lesson

Questions The Source 2nd segment:

  • What happened to Mr. C? (got in trouble, suspended)
  • How did Gabby feel about that? (really bad)
  • What helped Gabby feel better? (talking with her friends, believing in God and knowing that God loves her, excepting God’s grace, praying)

Questions from Today’s Bible Story:

Q: What did Jesus do in our story today?
A: He saved us and took our punishment, died on the cross so we don’t have to be separated from God, he came back to life, he showed his love for us.

Jesus Gave Everything for You!

Final Discussion Question:  If they haven’t already, ask your kids if they would like to make today the day that they decide to follow Jesus. Help them pray to accept Jesus’ gift of salvation, forgiveness and eternal life.

Or maybe your child has questions about what following Jesus means and isn’t quite ready to do that.  Maybe you do too. Take advantage of this time to talk about it and see if you can figure out your questions together.

For those of you who have already given your lives to Jesus; celebrate what Easter means to you: grace, forgiveness, and eternity spent with Him.

Following Jesus Presentation

If today was the day that your child decided to follow Jesus for the 1st time or if they already have in the past; this is a great tool that Eagle Brook has provided for our Kidventure Kids.  It beautifully sums up what it means to follow Jesus.

We Want to Celebrate With You!

For any child who has decided to give their lives to Jesus and follow Him for the first time today, we would like to send them a Salvation Day Gift  to celebrate this important decision that they made.

Worship Song

Thank You

Thanks for joining us today online for our Kidventure Lesson.  It’s great to be able to partner with you to teach your kids about God’s Son Jesus and the love He has for them.

Happy Easter!!!