WEEK 3 MARCH 29, 2020

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About this Series:
Easter is a time to celebrate, and what better way to celebrate than with music? In this series, we’ll learn about God’s Son Jesus, and sing and dance our way through an Easter celebration!

Lesson 3: On the Road

It feels great when someone listens to your story or idea, but not so great if someone doesn’t listen. This week, we’ll see how Jesus surprised someone by making time for her.

Worship Song

The Big Idea

Guess This Instrument - Listen for as long as you like.


Bible Lesson

Discussion Questions

• What is your favorite part of Easter?
• In our Bible Adventure, what did the woman do after she met Jesus? (Told others they should come and meet Him, too!)
• Who could you invite to do this lesson online?

Memory Verse

Work on this bible memory verse with your kids each week.  We will be figuring out a way to get a prize to each child who memorizes this verse by the end of this series.


What is the instrument below? That’s right.  Drums!  What do drums sound like?

Let’s make music with our drums to the song below. Play as long as it’s fun.

Hands-On Activity

Parent Say:

Great job playing your drums.  Below is a picture of Rocky.  Let’s see how we can help him.

“Hey Lil’ Trekkers! This is Rocky. I have a problem and need your help. One of my friends and I argued a little while ago, and we said some mean things to each other. I want to be friends, but I’m scared that they will still be mad at me. What should I do?”

Parent Say: Hmm, that’s a tough one.  What do you think?

After Your Child Responds Say:  Let’s see. One thing Rocky could do would be to just stay mad and stop talking to that friend. Do you think that would help?

NO! No, probably not.


Rocky could complain to someone else how mean his friend was being, and say mean things about them, too. Would that help the problem? NO.

No, it might help if Rocky asked a grown-up what to do, but just talking about how mean the other person is probably won’t help.

Let’s see. Oh, the woman in our Bible Adventure story had done some wrong things, too, and Jesus forgave her. Do you think it would help if Rocky told his friend “I forgive you”?

YES! Yes, I think that would help. Do you think you can do that, Rocky?

Let’s see what Rocky says?

Play Rocky Video

Pray With Your Child

After you pray together tell your child that we have one more thing to do.

Let’s find out what it is!

Just for Fun

Enjoy Kid O Whampus with your kids. Get the wiggles out with your child.

Thank You!

Thanks for joining us today online for our Lil’ Trekkers Lesson.  It’s great to be able to partner with you to teach your kids about God’s Son Jesus and the love He has for them.

About This Series:

Have you ever met someone who you had seen on stage or in a movie? Were they who you expected them to be? In this series, we’re going to look at the way God’s Son Jesus acted when He wasn’t in the spotlight. We’ll see why so many people have decided to follow Jesus and learn some unexpected things about Him along the way.

Bible Memory Verse

Work on this bible memory verse with your kids each week.  We will be figuring out a way to get a prize to each child who memorizes this verse by the end of this series.

2 Corinthians 5:17
When anyone lives in Christ (Point up.)
the new creation has come. (point down)
The old is gone. (thumbs pointing back over shoulders)
The new is here! (point down)

The Big Idea for Today's Lesson Is:

Jesus Cares About My Story

Lesson 3: On Break

Have you ever wanted to just relax? Once in a while when Jesus was taking a break, someone bothered him. Instead of being annoyed, though, Jesus took the chance to show that person how much He cared about them. Let’s find out who and what actually happened by doing today’s lesson!

Video Lesson

Listen to the video until it gets to the end of the first segment.  You will know that it’s there when it wraps up with The Source Bumper (5:22).  Then do the activities that follow.  When you are done with those come back to the video that you paused and finish watching until the end.

Discussion Questions

Ask these questions after the 1st segment of The Source.

• Why do you think Gabby is putting so much pressure on the others? (Could point out that she’s probably feeling stressed out herself.)
• What did they mean when they talked about Gabby’s “story”? (Her story means the things that have happened to Gabby- her life.)

Hands-On Activity

Look Up and Read: Isaiah 43:1-4. These verses are a message from God to His people. God feels this way about you! He knows your name, what you’re going through, and you are priceless to Him.

Do This: Have fun making up a random story with your kids! Go around the group, encouraging every person to add to the story in some way. Once they have said 1-2 sentences, though, stop them and allow the next person to keep the story going.

Say this: We’re going to tell a story, all together. I’m going to read the first part to get us started from the link below, which will get it started. Your goal is to make up the next part of the story. After just a few words, though, I’ll stop you, and the next person will have to keep the story going, so make sure you’re paying close attention!  Click here for story cards.

The Point: Stories are very important, and every one of us has a different one. Your story, the things that have happened to you, the things you love, and the things that make you sad, all of that is so important to Jesus. That’s why He’s the greatest leader ever, you matter so much to Him.

Return to Video:  Now watch the remainder of The Source video until the end when Rue comes back on to conclude the video with a bible lesson component.

Final Questions for this Lesson

Questions for The Source segment:

  1. Why was Gabby acting the way that she was? (she was overwhelmed, stressed, feeling pressure from herself and others)
  2. What kinds of things were causing Gabby to feel overwhelmed or stressed? (Getting a C on her paper, thoughts that she was letting her parents down and that she embarrassed them)
  3. What did Trixie do to help Gabby? (She asked her how she was doing, listened, prayed for her, shared how God has helped her)

Questions from Today’s Bible Story:

  • Where did the story about Jesus and the woman take place? (at a well)
  • What did Jesus know about the woman without her even telling him? (her story, hopes, dreams, mistakes she made)

Jesus Cares About Our Story!  Parents share some of your story with you kids.  Share a little bit about your spiritual journey and what God has been teaching you lately.

Final Discussion Question:  How do we or can we show others that they matter to us?

You can find the Bible story that Rue told in John chapter 4 for extra reading as a family.

Worship Song

Enjoy one of last years Roar VBS Worship Songs as you end your time of learning.

Thank You

Thanks for joining us today online for our Kidventure Lesson.  It’s great to be able to partner with you to teach your kids about God’s Son Jesus and the love He has for them.