WEEK 2 MARCH 26, 2020

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These are the catch up lessons so that we can stay on track with Easter soon approaching.  Please try to do this lesson and Week 3 lesson before April 5th.

About this Series:
Easter is a time to celebrate, and what better way to celebrate than with music? In this series, we’ll learn about God’s Son Jesus, and sing and dance our way through an Easter celebration!

Lesson 2: Sing Out

It feels great when someone listens to your story or idea, but not so great if someone doesn’t listen. This week, we’ll see how Jesus surprised someone by making time for her.

Worship Song

The Big Idea

Guess This Instrument - Listen for as long as you like but try to hide the picture below.


Bible Lesson

Discussion Questions

• How could you show someone that you’re their friend?
• What did Jesus do to show the woman that He was her friend? (Stopped and listened to her, helped her, spent time with her.)

Memory Verse

Work on this bible memory verse with your kids each week.  We will be figuring out a way to get a prize to each child who memorizes this verse by the end of this series.


What is the instrument below? That’s right.  A trumpet!  What do trumpets sound like?

Let’s play our trumpets to the song below.  Start at 35 seconds into the video and play as long as it’s fun.

Hands-On Activity

Parent to say:

Great job making music with your trumpet.  Now I’m going to read you some stories. Give me a thumbs-up if you think the person in the story is caring about the other person and being kind, and a thumbs-down if they aren’t caring or they’re being mean. Ready?

Jenny’s sister, Hayley, talks a lot. Sometimes Jenny feels impatient with Hayley, but today she decides to listen to all of Hayley’s story, and give her a smile and a hug. Was Jenny being caring and kind to her sister? Give me a thumbs-up or thumbs down. YES! Yes, listening to someone is a great way to show that you care.
Let’s hear another story!

When Robbie fell on the playground, Jack just laughed and kept on playing. Was that a caring thing to do? NO. No, that’s a thumbs-down. Jack could have asked Robbie if he was ok, helped him get up, and maybe found a grown-up to help if Robbie was really hurt.

Hannah made a card to tell her grown-ups that she loves them. Was that a caring thing to do? Give me a thumbs-up or thumbs down.YES! Giving someone a gift can be a great way to show that we care about them.

Pray With Your Child

After you pray together tell your child that we have one more thing to do.

Let’s find out what it is!

Just for Fun

Enjoy Kid O Whampus with your kids. Get the wiggles out with your child.

Thank You!

Thanks for joining us today online for our Lil’ Trekkers lesson.  It’s great to be able to partner with you to teach your kids about God’s Son Jesus and the love He has for them.

About This Series:

Have you ever met someone who you had seen on stage or in a movie? Were they who you expected them to be? In this series, we’re going to look at the way God’s Son Jesus acted when He wasn’t in the spotlight. We’ll see why so many people have decided to follow Jesus and learn some unexpected things about Him along the way.

Bible Memory Verse

Work on this bible memory verse with your kids each week.  We will be figuring out a way to get a prize to each child who memorizes this verse by the end of this series.

2 Corinthians 5:17
When anyone lives in Christ (Point up.)
the new creation has come. (point down)
The old is gone. (thumbs pointing back over shoulders)
The new is here! (point down)

The Big Idea for Today's Lesson Is:

Jesus Always Has Time For Me

Lesson 2: On the Road

Imagine, you get the chance to meet two super star musicians. The first one gives you a signature, but then doesn’t listen to anything else you say. The second one, though, learns your name, listens to you, and asks you some questions. Who do you like better? Probably the person who has time for you. This week, we’ll see how Jesus made time for others, and how that changed one woman’s life.

Video Lesson

Listen to the video until it gets to the end of the first segment.  You will know that it’s there when it wraps up with The Source Bumper (4:45).  Then do the activities that follow.  When you are done with those come back to the video that you paused and finish watching until it until the end.

Discussion Questions

Ask these questions after the 1st segment of The Source.

• Why do you think Gabby is feeling so upset? (No one is paying attention to her.)
• What do you think someone could do to help Gabby? (Listen to her, take time to read her article.)
• Who are some people we should make time to listen to? (Our friends, siblings, parents.)

Hands-On Activity

Look Up and Read: James 1:19 & 20. These verses are advice about when to talk, and when to listen.

Discuss: What do you think James means when he writes “Be quick to listen?”
(Listen to people first, before you talk. Ask questions to others, instead of just telling them how much you know.)

Do This: Get your kids some markers and paper to work with. Challenge them to draw a house in one minute. Then give one minute to draw their house. After the first house is done tell them to draw another house, but this time, they only have ten seconds. Count down from ten, when you hit zero, they have to stop drawing.

Ask: Which house is better? (Probably the one you spent more time drawing.)

The Point: Some things take time.  To be good friends and family members, and show other people that we care, it’s important for us to make time for them. Its also super important to take time to listen, remember what’s important to them, and do things that they enjoy, even if doing that thing is not our favorite.

Ask: Name someone you would like to take more time to listen to? Why did you pick them?

Return to Video:  Watch the remainder of The Source Video until the end when Rue comes back on to conclude the video with a bible lesson component.

Final Questions for this Lesson

  • What was Gabby obsessed with?  (her grades, how hard she worked on her paper)
  • What did Mr. Corbin do to help?  (stopped what he was doing and took time to listen, he pushed his phone away, he read her paper, said he would talk with Mr. Dole.)
  • Who did Jesus help? (a woman in the crowd)
  • What did she do? (touch Jesus’ robe)
  • What did Jesus do? (heal her, stopped, listened to her story, freed her from her suffering)

Jesus always has time for you!

Let’s practice taking time listening to one another.  Here are some questions to choose from.

1. What are you most excited about right now?
2. What was the best part of your week?
3. What was hard for you this past week?

Finally, talk about:  How can we make time for someone this next week?

You can find the Bible  story that Rue told in Mark 5:25-34.

Worship Song

Enjoy this worship song as you end your time of learning.  This is a new song that I think fits the time that we are in perfectly.


Thank You!

Thanks for joining us today online for our Kidventure Lesson.  It’s great to be able to partner with you to teach your kids about God’s Son Jesus and the love He has for them.